It was an old farm house nestled between some shady trees with a nearby pond where the young family had made their happy home.
Their four year old son loved to play outside with the animals. One day, as his mother was busy in the kitchen, he ran outside, barely hearing her say, "Wait for me!" Smiling, she placed the last dishes onto the shelf before heading outside. But where was her son?
Just two minutes had passed and now she could not see him anywhere. "Where are you?" she shouted, calling his name over and over again. She began to run, and the fear that he may have gone to the pond made her sick to her stomach.
As she ran toward the pond, she saw a poorly clad man holding her soaking wet son. With a few more steps, she was at his side. "Ma'am," the man said, "I was just passing by when I saw him fall into the pond. Here is your son!" "Oh, thank you for saving him! Do please come in and have something to eat," she said. He gladly accepted and soon found himself in the kitchen of the old farm house enjoying a good meal.
She was so thankful and wished to give him a gift. Removing the silver chain with the Miraculous Medal from around her son's neck, she offered it to him, "Please take this and wear it. I want to give it to you for saving my son. Also, please say a Hail Mary every day, and may the Mother of God always be with you." Reluctantly, he took it, placing it around his neck, promising to pray and then left.
As a homeless man, he wandered through many places and different countries, always living on the streets. Despite living a sinful life, he kept his promise to pray. As he got older, he grew angry and vicious, disappointed by mankind. His language and behavior became disgusting. No one wanted to be near him. Sick and far away from his homeland, he was found one day lying in the street and was brought to a hospital. He had but hours to live.
Since it was a Catholic hospital, the nurse sent for a priest. No sooner had he entered the patient's room when he was cursed and yelled at by the sick man. The nurse quickly reminded him that this priest was from his own country. The drifter then calmed down, eyeing the priest curiously.
They slowly started talking, but every time the priest tried to speak to him about God's love for him, the drifter waved his arms, indicating that he did not want to hear about it. Finally, he said to the priest, "I do not believe that after having lived such a deplorable life, that there is any hope for me." Then challenging him, he declared, "You must give me a sign that there is still hope for me and I know that you can't do that." Turning his back to the priest, he waited for him to leave. For a moment there was silence.
Noticing a chain on his neck, the priest asked, "Can I see what you are wearing around your neck? Is this a gift from your mother?" Turning his face to him again, the drifter, holding the Miraculous Medal hanging from the chain, began to tell him the story of how long ago in his country he had rescued a little boy and received the Medal as a gift. The priest listened intently and then his face turned pale. He fell on his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks.
Visibly upset, the drifter asked him what was wrong. "The sign," the priest said. "God has given you a sign of His mercy. You see, the little boy you saved so many years ago is me. You saved my life once, now God sent me to save yours!"
Overwhelmed by these words, the sick man broke down. With a sincere heart, he made a good confession and died soon after.
Mary's promise had again been confirmed. Through her Medal, she had helped him find home. (Book: 77 Stories of the Miraculous Medal)

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