Many friends say that our logo is very beautiful, but few people find the meaning of our logo. This is an ancient holy sword inserted into Satan's head. Thank you for the protection of St. Michael and the blessing of the Lord!


It all started with one person, one machine, and one idea. Today bgcopper is already a small team of young people, united the common goal is to create a unique decor from wood - which will live a century and will preserve the emotions invested in it.

Wood carving that will surprise everyone.The very surprise was in the eyes of people who saw our work for the first time.For us, it was a sign that we are on the right track, because in today's world,among the huge variety of decorative and souvenir products, to surprise someone is very difficult. We started our development by making icons.Why? Probably because icons are those relics that are often passed down from generation to generations, and which should be not only beautiful but also durable. For them The accuracy of the details is especially important, so for us,it is a kind of high level, after which you can consider yourself a professional.

We want to receive and feel feedback from our customers.Each of your feedback, wishes, comments, suggestions is a push to improve and create something new. We are constantly watching quality, expanding the range, improving service and ways delivery because our products are often bought as a gift, so they should be flawless.

We are already known in the USA and abroad, so we hope will be Worth your attention.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!