New titanium steel Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace

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With a 24-inch chain

Item Details

Material: titanium steel
Pendant Diameter: 5.00 x 3.80 cm (1.96 x 1.50 inches)
Bail With: Suitable for up to 3.00 mm Chain
Chain Thickness: 0.15 cm – (0.06 inch)
Pendant Weight: 12-13 gr

Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace: Symbol of Power and Inspiration

Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace will take you back to Ancient Egypt with its mysterious and legendary stories!

In Egyptian Mythology, Isis was the daughter of Nut and Geb, sister of Osiris, Seth and Nephthys, wife of her twin Osiris and mother of Horus, also known as Ast, Aust, Eset or Aset (Au-set ‘throne’). Isis was the goddess of earth and rain, considered the protector of nature and magic, as well as being the ideal form of motherhood. 

It’s amazing to carry a rain goddess with the Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace! 

So Why Was the Goddess of Isis So Important in Ancient Egypt?

The Goddess of Isis was also considered the holy mother and protector of the pharaohs, the personified form of the throne, and the source of the pharaoh’s power. Isis, also known as Unt, “One God”, “Greatest of Gods and Goddesses”, “Queen of the Gods”, “Female Ra”, “Female Horus”, “New Year’s Lady”, “Sunborn”, “Lady of the Sky”, From Heaven It is named with nicknames such as “Light Giver”.

Through the Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace, you can carry the power of the Isis with you. 

It is a very interesting event that Isis was imprisoned when she met her brother Seth, who killed Osiris. While in prison, Thoth and Isis seven scorpions helped the goddess escape when Thoth came to him and advised him to protect his unborn child.

Isis, accompanied by the scorpions Petet, Thetet and Maatet in front of her, Mestet and Mestetef next, and Tefen and Befen behind her, escaped from the prison and reached a village near the papyrus swamp.

Although the goddess went to a rich woman’s house to seek shelter, the door was shut in her face, Isis, angry with her treatment, sent Tefen, one of the scorpions, to the house, killed the woman’s child and burned the woman’s house. However, the goddess was saddened by the woman’s suffering and resurrected the child and put out the fire by making it rain.

Later, a peasant woman goddess invited her to her house and allowed her to stay. After a while, Isis gave birth to Horus, and he tried to avoid poisonous snakes while raising him on a papyrus bed.

One day, the goddess went to the city of Am, and when she returned, she saw that her son was poisoned and killed by Set, who was disguised as a scorpion, and although she cried out in pain, no one could find a cure for her problem.

His sister Nephthys, who heard the news, told Isis to apply to the sun god Ra, and when the goddess did what is said, Thoth, one of the appearances of Ra, descended to the earth and taught the goddess the magic words that would bring Horus back to life.

According to another variant of the myth, a poisonous snake created by the goddess’s hands bit Re, and the god gave some magical powers to Isis in exchange for healing him. He brought Osiris back to life by using these words of Isis in the poem “Hymn to Osiris”. For this reason, Isis is described as the divine mother of the pharaohs.

The Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace is the best spiritual gift between mother and child because of the story its behind. It represents a mother’s love that can bring her child back even from the dead.

How to Depict the Goddess of Isis in Ancient Egypt?

Isis is often depicted as a woman sitting on a throne, sometimes carrying a winged sun disk with horns on her head, a scepter in one hand and an ankh, the symbol of life, in one hand. She is depicted as a woman with the hieroglyphic form of her name written on her forehead.

Isis was identified with the star Sirius, which the Egyptians called Soped and the Greeks called Sothis, and it was believed that when Soped came under Orion, the Nile River would overflow and bring fertility around it. Since it was believed that the fertile waters of the Nile river were the tears of the goddess Isis, an amulet called a red jade tyet or knot of Isis was used as a talisman against the evil eye.

The Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace will bring abundance, fertility and luck according to belief!

Let’s Get to Know the Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace!

The necklace will make you experience the Ancient Egyptian Age in the current era! If you are interested in mythology, Isis with Eye of Horus necklace will be the best gift for yourself!

Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace

The Isis with Eye of Horus Necklaces made of the highest quality materials for you. Created by our tasteful designers, this piece is suitable for all types of clothing and is ready for you to become an integral part of your outfit!

It can be a family heirloom for you, thorugh the necklace, you can make your family happy! It is not only a family heirloom and will make all your loved ones happy. Who doesn’t love dazzling the Isis with Eye of Horus Necklace!

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