Wood carving of cardinal couple bringing good luck

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All wood carving products are carved from solid wood,
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★Project details

• Details: hand-carved
• Treatment: hand polished
• Material: natural Beech,water-based paint
• Weight: 400, 800, 1400 grams
• Size: 10"12",20"

Cardinals are spiritual messengers from God.
The cardinal represents one of the deceased loved ones who is trying to contact.
The cardinal represents the blood of Christ.
The Cardinal symbolizes overcoming difficulties with hope in God, appearing in times of stress and despair to encourage hope and perseverance.

It is durable, not getting worse, does not lose its authentic form, doesn't go out of style and will last more than lifetime.

The cardinal is a songbird often known for its bright red and yellow feathers and has been considered a symbol in Christianity since the 5th century AD. The bird's namesake color is believed to be associated with powerful qualities such as loyalty, determination, and strength in Christian faith and folklore. This tradition still exists today, as cardinals are often used as religious art or decorations in places of worship.

hope and renewal
Cardinals are often seen as symbols of hope and renewal, especially during dark or difficult times. Its bright red feathers are said to represent the hope of new life and the hope of spring.
Faith and Spirituality
It is also seen as a symbol of faith and spirituality. Its steadfastness in the face of adversity is seen as an inspiration to Christians struggling to maintain their faith.

love and passion
This bird is sometimes seen as a reminder of love and passion, especially in romantic situations. Its bright red feathers are said to represent the burning passion of love.

Protect and guide
In some Christian traditions, cardinals are seen as symbols of protection and guidance. It is said to represent the presence of a guardian angel or deceased loved one and watch over the living.

Good luck and good luck
Finally, cardinals are sometimes seen as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Its red color is said to represent wealth and success, and it is believed that seeing the cardinal can bring good luck to those in financial difficulty.

Symbolism in Superstition
In European folk beliefs, cardinals are seen as messengers or signs from God or heaven, and it is believed that these birds can convey messages from loved ones who have passed away. Many people believe that if you see one in your garden, it means good luck will soon come your way. Additionally, according to certain superstitions, some people believe that seeing a male cardinal means good news, while seeing a female cardinal means bad news is coming.

In modern times, religious connotations have continued for species of birds around the world, but now there are also long-term implications. In some cultures, it is believed that when you see a cardinal passing by, it symbolizes success and abundance. Other cultures see them as symbols of festive occasions, such as marriages or births, while others see them as symbols of strength, inspiring a sense of courage and fearlessness during difficult times or crises.

Folklore surrounding birds
There are several cardinal-related superstitions that have been passed down from generation to generation, including the belief that if a cardinal comes to your garden, it means you will have a prosperous year. If a cardinal nests near your home, it brings good luck, and if you use the money you earned on Tuesday to buy something on Friday, your lucky day will coincide with seeing this brightly colored creature in the sky. .

They are also believed to represent loyalty as they mate for life and stay together through good times and bad. This idea can be found in various Christian cultures around the world, further emphasizing its importance in spiritual beliefs.

The role of cardinals in Christian art and literature

From medieval stained glass windows to Renaissance paintings, cardinals appear in Christian works as symbols of heaven and holiness. Roman Catholic churches and churches feature red cardinals in their intricate artwork, often depicted alongside other religious figures such as Jesus or Mary. Medieval literature also mentions them as messengers from God who brought miracles from heaven, like messages from the divine realm.

The cardinal symbol can be found on papal robes, tombs, shrines, and other artifacts throughout much of Europe, and became an important part of Christian folklore because of its association with piety and devotion. Just as common birds or animals are used today to represent certain values or virtues (such as the protective eagle), medieval works often included cardinals in symbolic meditative verses to represent devotion to the earth through devotion to God. of mercy or salvation.

In later centuries they continued to serve this purpose; in the 18th century they became a regular feature in religious embroidery designs, where they represented qualities such as charity and devotion.

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BGCOPPER mainly has three product lines: pendants, rings, and wood carvings.
1: The pendant homepage is made of A-grade high-quality tin. In addition, we also provide services for a small number of products such as copper, silver, and stainless steel.
Tinware can maintain its original luster for a long time with simple maintenance.
Please avoid strong collisions. The tinware has been used for a long time. If the color on the pattern becomes darker, you can boil the lotus leaf stem or lotus leaf with water, wipe it clean, and remove the scale as new.
2: The ring is mainly made of titanium steel. Titanium steel hardly needs maintenance, can keep the gloss for a long time, and is not afraid of high cold temperature.
3: Wood carvings mainly use ash wood and beech wood. Both ash wood and beech wood are high-hardness woods. They are used for carving in comparison, and the details are clear, beautiful, and will not rot, deform, and crack.

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