Ouroboros (also known as the tail-biting snake) is a symbol handed down from ancient times, roughly depicting a snake (or dragon) swallowing its own tail, resulting in a circle (sometimes shown as a twist, the shape of the Arabic numeral "8"). Ouroboros is one of the oldest mythological symbols in the world. The snake-shaped or dragon-shaped creatures in the symbol often appear in the ancient myths of the Aztec civilization, the Middle East and Native Americans, and other ancient regions. This image is now often used in jewelry, such as rings and necklace, and it is deeply loved by the public. As one of the oldest mythological symbols, what symbolism does it have?

The symbolic meaning of ouroboros

Infinite loop

Sometimes our ouroboros is depicted as half bright and half dark, which inevitably reminds us of the Chinese yin and yang patterns, which symbolizes that everything has a bipolar concept. But the bipolar concept is not in a confrontational position. In the alchemy interpretation of the circular universe, ouroboros are both opposites and fusions, symbolizing the supreme work.

Ouroboros symbolizes the most primitive element. At the same time, it is also like the legendary phoenix, which reproduces itself in the process of self-burning, which represents "self-reference" or "infinite loop"

The Jungian philosopher Erich Neumann once argued that the Uroboros is a true symbol of the ego in its pre-dawn state, describing it as an infantile stage for both adults and children.

Ouroboros is the oldest mythological symbol, and its patterns have many different meanings, and the main meaning comes from its own form that it intuitively shows to people. The snake in the symbol is devouring its own tail. It is a manifestation of the cosmic cycle, reflecting the alternation of life and death, the interdependence of construction and destruction. This is an eternal pattern of circulation. Just like this ouroboros necklace, it is devouring its own tail, but at the same time its structure remains intact without any change. It really shows the correctness of the above view

The symbol of ouroboros in physics

Ouroboros symbolizes "infinity" and also reinforces the concept of infinite cycles in the universe, which is reflected in modern physics. The diagram of the Great Serpent reflects a cosmic meaning in physics, symbolizing the transition between the concepts of particle physics (the smallest) and the universe (the largest).

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