When it comes to Gothic, many people have the impression that it is dark, depraved, and bloody. And when it comes to Gothic-style jewelry, many people think of pierced earrings, skulls, snake-head rings, pendants, and exaggerated collars like hedgehogs' spines. In Gothic style design works, designers will choose various shapes with strong visual impact, such as skeletons, asymmetrical, mysterious totems and other elements.

The Gothic style with its whimsical feel has gradually penetrated all areas of beauty, and whether you think it is dark, exaggerated or not accepted by the mainstream, there is still no stopping its wind. Let's enjoy the artistic style of gothic jewelry today!

What is Gothic jewelry

Before talking about Gothic jewelry, we first understand the Gothic style. Goth, originally referred to the Goths, was a Germanic tribe in Western Europe. Since the Italians had a hard time letting go of the historical grudge against the Goths for destroying the Roman Empire, they called the art style of the medieval period "gothic", meaning "barbaric". The Gothic art style is full of mysterious, eerie and horrible atmosphere, which promotes the dark mood of the Middle Ages. In the Renaissance, people also used Gothic to describe medieval buildings, meaning barbaric, dark, horrible and mysterious. Probably due to such historical factors, Gothic is always associated with violence and bloodshed. 

Gothic jewelry, flowing with the oldest black bloodline, with mysterious splendor, mixed with a little romance, spreading power in a silence. Exalting the extreme of complexity in the dull black, with a bit of eccentricity, sculpting the soul that never dies.

Many people think that gothic jewelry is claptrap, using exaggeration and self-abuse to show that they are different. In fact, there is a class of gothic style jewelry that we can accept. Whether it is very particular in design or craftsmanship, matching such jewelry is not only a personality trend, but it is easy to wear with dark-colored clothing to wear a stylish temperament.

Gothic Rings

Today, Gothic jewelry is very popular. Some people say that times have changed, and in the past gothic jewelry might represent blood and aggression, but today it is more about wanting to show a person's openness and loneliness.

Gothic exaggeration, darkness, indifference, but also aspire to light and enthusiasm. Eternal years make people feel empty and gloomy, which is why they crave more passion. This is the romantic Gothic spirit, and this contrast symbolizes the confrontation between darkness and light, between death and life.

In Gothic jewelry, the use of snakes is very frequent. In many religions and myths, the snake represents the power of regeneration and immortality. This ring has the shape and curvature of a snake, with its black texture and silver scales. Take a closer look and you may find a dangerous but appealing charm beneath its flare.

Darkness does not mean unattractive, skull does not mean death, but on the contrary if used properly can be the ultimate in beauty, like the skull of this ring, two skulls are connected, till death do us part.

Gothic necklaces

The gothic is firmly connected with the religion and witchcraft. On the one hand, it advocates the light and on the other hand is in the dark.

The skull is engraved with a cross, the skull represents death, and the cross symbolizes salvation. Intricate patterns and golden crosses, in addition to the meaning of religious guardians, this design also hopes to see light in the dark. The skull and zircon design is also very special and eye-catching.

In ancient times, let alone today, the skull associated with witchcraft and black magic. The moon represents death and rebirth in witchcraft. In the endless cycle, all that is left is loneliness. This pendant has an extremely distinct design with the combination of the moon. Craters on the moon and the grisly skull creates a look that is masculine and rugged. The piece is an eye-catcher and so especially unique for your Goth accessories.

Other Gothic jewelry

Gothic jewelry is indeed mysterious and dark, but darkness does not mean depravity. It can also be as simple and elegant as a flying butterfly. It is not only a skull and a snake head, it is also not limited to black, it also has other colors, showing the different beauty of jewelry.

The Gothic jewelry in the past represented blood and aggression, but the current style allows us to see a person’s publicity and loneliness from another angle, as well as the positive side of breaking through the dark, putting aside the secular and prejudices and using an artistic perspective. Appreciation, you will have a deeper experience.

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